Monday, May 25, 2015

1st Anniversary of SanJose Solutions

This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it - Psalm 118:24

Today, we celebrate the first anniversary of SanJose Solutions, a day to thank God and many well wishers who've been instrumental in realizing this dream. In the past year, we've had some amazing highlights and special memories. We started with optimism, strong faith and burning desire to make an impact. Add to that the determination and persistence to learn and grow and challenge our limits and I'd say those have been our biggest assets. I recall the early stages - the excitement and effort and initial projects. As time has passed and we complete a year, we've found ourselves with a lot to be happy about and lots of work remaining to be done. I've realized that, looking back I can truly say that though I'm challenged in living and working for a greater mission and facing the human challenges that come with it, this is what gives me great fulfilment and satisfaction.

This occasion marks a special milestone for me personally. Living in Bangalore all these years, with it's globally renowned IT industry, software giants and multi-national companies, in one such place I started my career 11 years back, yet realized what I was looking for was more. Building great software was always my desire and it was about growing in my competency to build each software better than the last one that has been a great motivating factor. I realized early in my career that learning is the key to unlock my future dreams. To top it all, I needed a higher purpose which synchronises with my own personal mission to make a difference in the world.

Our nosedive into Mifos X has been greatly satisfying because it brought us in touch with some amazing organizations and their work and the awesome Mifos community. The Mifos Initiative, especially Ed Cable, has been a great supporter in our mission. The Mifos X Messenger and the Debian package for quick installation of Mifos X were some highlights in our contribution in this area, contributions well appreciated by the community, especially based on the feedback at the global summit at Dubai this past March.

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